•  The Language Arts

    • Listening: understanding spoken language
    • Speaking: communicating ideas through oral language
    • Reading: understanding written language
    • Writing: communicating through written language
    • Viewing: understanding visual images and connecting them to accompanying spoken or written words
    • Visually Representing: presenting information through images, either alone or along with spoken or written words
  • Mr. Jeremy Kienitz

    AFSA High School English


    All students deserve an education, and to that end I am an advocate for each student's success. I believe that learning should be rigorous and fun. I want to ensure that every student in my class is prepared for whatever post-secondary path is in store for them. I really like that AFSA encourages both students and teachers to be themselves while creating an atmosphere that is conducive to both academic learning and self-discovery.



  • Ms. Patt Ligman

    AFSA High School English


    Knowing our students "like family" is one of my favorite aspects of AFSA. Also, AFSA allows me the freedom and creativity to be innovative in the classroom, as well as encourages students to take educational risks and get out of the classroom to learn new things. I believe teaching is a two-way street with students and teachers having open dialogue, trying new things, and learning from each other. I view my classroom as a "safe space," where students can make mistakes free of judgment, and where they can openly express their thoughts and opinions. "Respect everyone and everything" has been my only class rule in my 14 years at AFSA. Students in my classes will be challenged to read with a critical and open mind; to write in several different formats; to participate in small- and large-group discussions; to motivate and push themselves as students; to grow as readers and writers; but most of all, to grow as people. If students put forth their best effort and complete their work, they will be successful in my classes. My free time is spent as a sherpa to my two children, dreaming of remodeling our house, reading, writing, and being outside.