• Creative Arts The arts are essential. They teach students innumerable lessons—practice makes perfect, small differences can have large effects, collaboration leads to creativity. The arts also teach children that there are several paths to take when approaching problems and that all problems can have more than one solution.

    Research has also shown impressive benefits of arts education on entire school culture—especially student motivation, attitudes, and attendance. Numerous reports discuss the ways that increased access to and involvement in arts education encourage students to stay in school, succeed in school, succeed in life, and succeed in work.

    Vorwald Amanda Vorwald 


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    Matthew Hertz Matthew Hertz



    I am an Arts activist, and have a passion for sharing my love of theatre with everyone, especially young people. In fact the old addage of the "3 R's" should be changed to 4...Reading, wRiting, aRithmatic, and aRts!

    As Viola Spolin (The founder of modern improv) once said, "Everybody can act...Anyone who wishes to can play in the theatre and learn to be 'Stageworthy'." This is a powerful staatement that I embody in all my classes and productions I direct. That's why any student who auditions for a play or musical at AFSA is cast! No exceptions!




    Enochson Brianna Enoksen (Volbrecht)


    Hello! My name is Brianna Enoksen, and I will be the music teacher at AFSA this year! I grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and graduated from Bethel University in 2016 with a degree in K-12 Instrumental Music Education. After graduating, I taught K-5 General Music, 6-12th Grade Bands, and 7th and 8th Grade Choir in Grand Marais for a year before deciding to move back to the cities to be closer to family. This past year, I have enjoyed subbing in the Robbinsdale School District. In my free time, I enjoy doing crafts, watching movies, and playing in a community orchestra. I am excited for my first year at AFSA and I am looking forward to sharing my love of music with students! 

    Music Appreciation